Woman's Re-wilding retreat Lapland

Restoring our connection with the earth, our sacred femininity, wild nature, and the co-creative spirit of sisterhood.
01/12 - 05/12 2021
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Location: Lapland Yurts, Vittjärv, Swedish Lapland

Pick-up: Boden Central Station 

Group size: maximum of 8 guests. 

                         minimum of 6 guests.

Price: Yurt SEK 6,250,-

             Cabin SEK 5,250,-

Booking through: laplandyurts@gmail.com

Booking confirmation: When your booking and payment are completed, you will receive an email confirming your booking. 





Inner Re-Wilding Workshops’ with Movement & Voice Awakening with Antonia Rothschild

‘Bhakti Motion’
Movement Workshop


The term Bhakti means ‘devotion’ and in this context refers to a way to move one's body from an inner gravitational pull, honoring the intuitive nature of our somatic experiences. It is the art of telling our heart’s truth and soul’s stories through dance and surrendering to the creative flow which moves us all in one way or another. 

It can be used to express and release pent-up emotion or merely for the pleasure of experiencing the dance itself. You’ll be supported and guided into a space of stillness within yourself from which organic movement originates and from there encouraged, within a safe container, to explore and get to know yourself through the art of sacred dance. 

The body is intelligent all on its own, this is the practice of tuning in, listening, and flowing, creatively embodying our wise wilderness from within. 


‘Voice Activation’ & Shamanic Drum Sessions 

The healing power of our voices is somewhat of lost wisdom in our society. Our heart’s voices 

easily get drowned out and quieted down throughout the business of the life most people come

to think of as normal. 

With these sessions, you are being invited to step forth as your own guiding light on your

soul’s path and awaken the deep potential that is your own voice. Whether you consider yourself

a singer or not, your unique expression is welcomed and needed in the world. 

When we hear ourselves and let the vibrations of our voices ripple into the world, we enable truth to be carried out and touch those around us. In this space of authentic voicing, also we ourselves being transformed and alchemist through our own practice. 

The drum serves to take us deeper into the unconscious and reveal that which we hide from ourselves to open ourselves to the wild fullness and perfect wholeness inherent to our being.

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Antonia rothschild

Wild woman photoshoot


During the retreat, you will be offered a Goddess photography shoot. An individual session in nature with professional photographer Sara Lindström. 


What do you think about when you hear the word “Goddess” or “Your inner Wild Woman”? Who is she? What does she look like? Feel like? She lives in all women, although many of us have forgotten.

As you prepare to come to Lapland, you are invited to bring whatever favourite dress or props that you think will help bring her out. It could even be as simple as your naked skin if that is how you would rather like her to be portrayed. 

After we part ways at the end of the retreat, the edited and finished photos will be delivered as a gift for you to bring out whenever you need a reminder of that innate wildness in you.

We think embracing your inner goddess has nothing to do with looking “perfect”, it has to do with you loving and accepting yourself as the beautiful piece of nature you in fact are.

Lapland yurts

Sara Lindström

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During the retreat, you will be staying at Lapland Yurts. Either in a yurt or a cozy little cabin. 

The service cabin is where we will share meals and the "grillkåta" will serve as our sharing circle around the fire. For more information and photos, look under "accommodation".


Please be sure to give your meal preferences and/or allergies when booking.

In addition to the workshops and photo sessions, there is room for various activities. 

For example, it's possible to go

  • snowshoeing in the woods. We are located at the foot of Leåkersberget where the woods begin right outside the yurts, where you can spend hours of hiking in untouched snow.

  • Sauna and ice-bath. Right next to our lake there is a cabin, where you will have the possibility to have a sauna and an ice bath in the frozen lake. 

  • Cross country skiing. Pagla Skidstation is located within walking distance of Lapland Yurts. It has 15km of lighted tracks through the woods. It also has a sled slope where you can release your inner child!

  •  Northern lights. The beginning of December is a great time to see the northern lights. When the weather conditions permit, the aurora can be seen from right outside your doorstep! 


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