Swedish lapland

Adventures in Swedish Lapland

In the winter there is no better and more fun way of transportation than a snowmobile! When you stay with us we can take you on a little snowmobile safari through the woods, over lakes and the river. We will bring snacks, hot coco and something to grill over an open fire.

Depending on how far you want to go, one trip can take from 2 hours up to 6 hours.  


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Lapland Backcountry 

In collaboration with Xtravel, we go into the Swedish mountains on snowmobiles and find awesome places to snowboard or ski in the backcountry of Lapland! 


By car and trailer we'll go to Kvikkjokk and from there it is about a 3-hour snowmobile ride to the cabin in Vaimok where we will stay for the length of the trip. There is no electricity, running water or cell phone reception. We will be totally off-grid. There are no showers but there are good outhouses and the sauna can be fired up so you can have an old-school shower!

It will be an overall unique experience! 

Dates for 2019 coming soon! 

Lapland Backcountry April 2018
Summertime fun 

 In the summer you can plan your day full with activities or you can just take it easy and relax and enjoy the 24-hour daylight. 

If you want to be active here are some tips: 

  • Go hiking on the endless paths in the woods behind the property and explore the old military forts on the mountain. 

  • Take the canoe out on the lake.

  • go swimming in the lake or in the pool in town. 

  • play a round of golf at Bodens Golfclub

  • Visit Storforsen or the Sami Museum in Jokkmokk. 

  • for more tips, we recommend to check out this website: www.upplevboden.nu

Aurora borealis 

The Northern Lights are visible whenever we have darkness. It depends on solar activity how strong the northern lights are. (The bright dancing lights of the aurora are collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth's atmosphere).

The best chance of seeing the Aurora here is from October through February.

Snowboarding & skiing 

Storklinten is a ski resort about a 30-minute car ride away from here. It is a great resort for families to go skiing over the day. It's not the place you want to go if you're a great skier or snowboarding because the slopes are very short, but for kids and beginners, it's great. 


Kåbdalis is bigger and has a lot of slopes. It's about 1,5-hour drive. It's a great place to ski and it's fun for all levels. 


Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is a great way to spend a few hours in the woods behind our property. Pagla Ski Stadium is very close to Lapland Yurts (walking distance) and it has prepared trails all over the mountain. It doesn't matter if it's dark because there are lights along the trails. 

Skies are available to rent at Skifix in town and Pagla stadium is free of charge. 

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